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Have you heard about the daily journal? If not, then you are surly missing out on one of most elegant themes ever made.  Not only does the theme, come along with different and exciting designs, it is also a fully responsive one. This means that this theme has the ability to adjust the content according to your screen size.

Daily Journal Elegant WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive design – will change or adjust the content according to the device.
  • Comes in 4 trendy color schemes – Red, Green, White and Blue
  • Easy advertising management – you can quickly put up 125×125 sized banners in the side bar and 468×60 adverts to the posts. Furthermore, these adverts are controlled from the internal wp-admin, thus feel free to turn them on or off anytime.
  • Automated thumbnail –  automatically resizes the thumbnail images
  • ePanel theme options -Presents many advanced them options, to ensure that you have total control over the theme and it’s settings.
  • Page templates – have a simpler life, with access to pre-made layouts and utilities
  • Shortcodes Collection – presents a large collection of shortcodes, with which you can create beautiful layouts without going through complications.
  • Complete localization – convenient  and simple translation of the theme’s PO and MO files
  • Comes along with support and update

Thus, whether you use a mobile or tablet this elegant wordpress theme will ensure that your content is evenly and beautifully displayed.  Additional features include various color scheme options, shortcodes collection, automatic thumbnails, advert management options, theme options panels and much more.

Download Live Demo