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If you are operating a business that involves selling products online, then you must consider trying the new eStore theme by elegant themes.  This theme will convert a simple blog into an easy online store. Furthermore, this theme keeps up with the popular ecommerce plugs, which can be integrated with ease, most of them do not even require you to go through a setup. Thus, if you want to start an online business, this elegant wordpress theme is surely the one to opt for. Such themes make doing business much easier.

eStore Elegant Themes Features

  • Ecommerce- Unlike other themes that just work with a single plug-in, this theme is compatible with many different plug-in. Such compatibility allows your site to cater to many customers, thus higher sales are surely possible. In addition to this, the theme comes with two common plug-ins, that only have to be selected to be functionally. Thus, operating a business with this site is no longer a worry.
  • Theme details- With the advanced ecommerce settings, you will be able to add products prices and promotions quickly and easily.
  • 5 color schemes- Selling products can get dull, but with eStore it will not. This is because this theme offers you 5 different color schemes for your website. So, if you would like to make your website attracting then you can choose one of the 5 unique daring colors and liven up the business.
  • Compatible- This theme has been tested and results confirm that the most popular browser support all the functions of the theme.
  • Localization


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