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Elegant themes have created a professional and simple business theme, commonly known as the feather team for companies or individuals who admire an uncomplicated website. However, even though this theme is simple, it still has the ability to impress and attract visitors with its features. The creators gave minuscule attention to every aspect, so that you can make a website that is perfect for you and your visitors.

This feather elegant wordpress theme comes along with various slider options, flexible homepage layout and it allows you to create a blog structures site. Other popular features of this elegant theme include, exciting color schemes and fonts, control options, adverts management and much more.

Features of the feather theme

Various color schemes- The feature themes allows you to modify the webpage’s background and font. You can create your own color scheme by combining various styles and colors today or you could choose from the existing ones. Such features allow you to create the website that you need or want.

Fonts – This theme will allow you to choose the font style and you will be able to modify the body and header content.

Blog structure- Even though this theme was designed for a page based structure, it even allows you to operate it like a normal blog. So incase you’d like a change, you can always change the outlook completely.

Automatic thumbnail re-sizing- Your post’s thumbnails will no longer have to be edited by you, because the feather theme resizes it on its own.

Adverts management- Feel free to put banners or adverts on your blog whenever you like. The theme’s dashboard, will give you ample control over these adverts.

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