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Elegant themes have created an amazing theme commonly known as InStyle.  This theme can turn your ordinary website, into an extremely entertaining one by allow you to create designs that are bound to retain your viewer’s attention.  With Instyle you can turn your boring screen into an attractive one, by adding various images in the background. Furthermore, unlike other such themes, that have a tendency to make the website heavy and slow, Instyle does not overpower the site.

Therefore, feel free to enhance the pictures and designs, because nothing will affect the smooth and simple running and feel of your website. Moreover, this elegant wordpress theme even allows you to individually edit and define your pictures, for all the pages and posts. Additional features of this elegant theme include localization, custom page templates, automatic thumbnail sizing and much more.

InStyle Theme features

  • Unique image based background- Instyle will allow you to upload different backgrounds for each section of your website. You can also load more than one image in certain area, as they all will show in a slide show.
  • Pre-saved pictures- If you are operating such a theme for the first time, then you may need some time to collect a few good background images for your site. Thus, till then you can use the ones that are stored in the theme.
  • Integrated theme controls- For the sake of simplicity and easiness, premium wp theme allows you edit and manage your posts and images simultaneously.
  • Blog structure- If you get tired of operating a CMS structures page, then feel free to convert your site into a blog
  • Advert management
  • Ample short codes collection


Download Live Demo