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LeanBiz has been recently released and designed by elegant themes. This elegant wordpress theme is known to be a business theme, because it has a simple and sleek layout which most corporation search for. The LeanBiz theme presents your visitors with just the information they are seeking. Visitors of such sites, tend to often annoyed with excessive posts, videos and images. Because, all they are searching for is accurate information, which they will get quickly if you opt for this elegant theme.

LeanBiz, does not have a fancy layout, with excessive content and images overloading the site. So, if you are looking to create a website that is clean, simple and easy to navigate through, then the LeanBiz theme is perfect for you.

LeanBiz Premium Elegant Themes Features

  • Unique color schemes-  LeanBiz allows you to quickly and easily shift through different styles from the option page. This theme includes a grey, blue, green and purple colors scheme, simply switch to the one you think is the best.
  • Homepage slider- This theme comes along with 8 different sliders, which allows you to create an interesting homepage for your visitors. This slider will simplify uploading images and arranging them in an exciting manner.  This theme will also allow you to add unique titles, descriptions and buttons. With such features, your website will be exactly what you want it to be.
  • Can also be used for a blog structure
  • Automated image adjuster
  • Localization
  • Ample control, through the e-panel
  • Quick and relevant shortcodes
  • Many page templates
  • Advertisement management options
  • Creates a clutterless website

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