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Have you heard about the daily journal? If not, then you are surly missing out on one of most elegant themes ever made.  Not only does the theme, come along with different and exciting designs, it is also a fully responsive one. This means that this theme has the ability to adjust the content according to your screen size.

Daily Journal Elegant WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive design – will change or adjust the content according to the device.
  • Comes in 4 trendy color schemes – Red, Green, White and Blue
  • Easy advertising management – you can quickly put up 125×125 sized banners in the side bar and 468×60 adverts to the posts. Furthermore, these adverts are controlled from the internal wp-admin, thus feel free to turn them on or off anytime.
  • Automated thumbnail –  automatically resizes the thumbnail images
  • ePanel theme options -Presents many advanced them options, to ensure that you have total control over the theme and it’s settings.
  • Page templates – have a simpler life, with access to pre-made layouts and utilities
  • Shortcodes Collection – presents a large collection of shortcodes, with which you can create beautiful layouts without going through complications.
  • Complete localization – convenient  and simple translation of the theme’s PO and MO files
  • Comes along with support and update

Thus, whether you use a mobile or tablet this elegant wordpress theme will ensure that your content is evenly and beautifully displayed.  Additional features include various color scheme options, shortcodes collection, automatic thumbnails, advert management options, theme options panels and much more.


Posted in Elegant on 12 Mar 12

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The convertible is a one of a kind wordpress theme, developed by elegant themes. This theme allows you to simply drag and drop items on to the landing page, without you altering any of the codes. This elegant wordpress theme is ideal for all those who want to create a unique page for their potential visitors.  Moreover, this elegant theme comes along with additional features such as, image sliders, buttons, tabs and so much more.

Convertible Elegant WordPress Theme Features

  • Drag and drop page builder- this theme is linked with a powerful module based system which allows you to make your page visually. Simply drag the contents on the canvas and edit them with your mouse in whatever way you like.
  • Ajax powered options- every page is controlled and managed with the internal theme options page, thus can be edited quickly and easily.
  • Detailed columns layout- this theme allows you to create your very own column layouts. Drag and drop the column, and begin re-sizing and editing.
  • Resizable buttons. This premium wordpress theme will even let you add different sized and colored buttons on any part of the page.
  • Easy image slider- create and upload powerful images with the wordpress media loader
  • Allows video embedding-you can insert videos from various sites by adding the URL to the setting box
  • Toggled boxes- you can control the amount of clutter, by putting the content inside a toggled box (open or closed)
  • Paper callout- with this feature, you can add text content to the page.



Posted in Elegant on 09 Dec 11

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If you are looking for a fun and exciting theme, then you must consider the notebook theme designed by elegant themes.  Notebook is a multimedia theme, which takes advantage of CSS3 and wordpress. As a result, you will have a one of kind theme, which is guaranteed to impress and engage all your visitors.  Furthermore, this elegant theme will allow you to easily share various videos, audio files, images and standard posts with your visitors.  This elegant wordpress theme also gives you the freedom to customize your entire website, exactly the way you want or need.

Notebook Elegant WordPress Theme Features

  • Several color schemes- Notebook comes with a CSS control panel, which gives you ample attracting font and color sets to choose from. Thus, with just a click, you can change the look of the entire page.
  • Variety of content- Not only does the notebook theme allow you to publish standard posts; it also supports video clips, audio files and images.
  • Entertaining animations- This theme has been developed with CSS3 and HTML5, which allows you to create unique effects that will amaze the visitors on all their gadgets.
  • Page template- This premium wordpress theme, offers many exciting pre-made styles and templates, these can be applied on your page with just a click. These styles and templates, will completely transform the way your content appears. Thus, within minutes you can change the entire outlook of your page.
  • Compatibility - This particular notebook theme, is supported by all the popular browsers. Thus, visitors will view all the content as you wish for them to.


Posted in Elegant on 27 Nov 11

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Evolution is a trendy and an elegant theme, which has a responsive design.  With the responsive function, this theme will automatically adjust the content to the screen size. So, irrespective of your device your content will always be easy to view. Moreover, this elegant wordpress theme can have a professional or blog type layout.  Some of the salient features of this theme include multiple color schemes, many shortcodes, advert management ability, detailed theme options and many more.

Evolution WordPress Theme Features

  1. Comes in four different colors
  2. Fully responsive design- immediately accommodates the display size. It also comes along with 4 different layouts; each layout triggers a different window size to allow easy viewing of the content on your tablet, mobile or desktop.
  3. Comes with an optional blog style- Originally this theme was designed  have a page base structure, but it gives you the option of running a normal blog type of a theme as well.
  4. Automatic thumbnails- uses timthumb to resize all your thumbnail images
  5. Easy advert management- with this premium wp theme you can easily place the 125×125 banner pictures in the side bar and 468×60 adverts to the post pages.
  6. Detailed theme options panel- these options allow you to have complete control over the settings and the theme.
  7. Ample variety of  shortcodes- you will have numerous shortcodes for the content boxes, buttons, toggled content, tabbed content, social media, columns and so on.
  8. Allows complete localization
  9. Has a drop down navigation menu


Posted in Elegant on 27 Nov 11

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If you are looking for a versatile directory theme, then you will be glad to know that elegant themes, has finally created one for you.  This premium wordpress theme is commonly known as the eList designed and coded by elegantthemes.com. The elist theme allows you to create an attractive online directory website. This theme is ideal for all those who want to create a job board, list real estate listing or any other kind of directorial website.  This elegant wordpress theme, even allows visitors to submit new listings. Additional features of this theme include several color schemes, easy drag and drop builder, automatic thumbnails and much more.

eList Directory WordPress Theme features

  • Directory Structure- This theme allows you to feature your categories in a noticeable manner on the home page.
  • Ecommerce included- With this theme, you can charge your visitors through PayPal every time they submit a new listing.
  • Front-end listing- This allows your visitors to submit their listings, without having to log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Ample color schemes- The eList theme comes along with a CSS panel, which allows you to modify the themes appearance. You will have many color schemes, fonts and textures to choose from, thus you never have to worry about the site being boring.
  • Blog style- Even though this theme is made to be a CMS, you can also run simple blogs.
  • Advertising management-  With this theme, feel free to put up banner images and adverts on your page
  • Customization- The custom form builder, you can control the way your webpage works and looks. Thus, with this theme you can create a webpage that you want.


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If you are trying to win your audience over, then you must opt for the sky theme designed by elegant themes. This theme is guaranteed to leave your visitors in awe, because it can help create a webpage that is stylish, fun and fresh.  Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this elegant theme offers great functions too. Some of the features of this elegant wordpress theme include exciting animations, multiple color schemes, home page slider and many more.

Sky Elegant WordPress Theme Features

  • Exciting color schemes- This theme comes with different color schemes, so if blue and red aren’t your style, try yellow, purple or red.  Just select the one you want and apply it from the option page. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect one for your website.
  • Homepage slider- This features allows you to make certain content on your website prominent, to attract your visitors. Moreover, with the ePanel you can adjust the animations size and speed.
  • Includes a blog layout- Sky allows you to create the best experience for your visitors by allowing you to feature several posts within the homepage feed.
  • Advertising management- This theme will allow you to mange and control all your adverts, from the wordpress admin. Thus, feel free to turn them on or off at any time
  • Drop down navigation menu
  • PSS files
  • Compatible -Sky is support by all the popular browsers, so you will always know that your visitors are getting the view that you intended for them to have.
  • Several page templates


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The HandHeld elegant theme has been created to allow people to browse the internet from their mobile phone.  Gone are the days, when the internet was only surfed through a personal computer, with the invention of smartphones everyone is using their phone to access the internet now. Therefore, elegant themes took the initiative and formed a theme that is guaranteed to enhance the mobile experience.

The HandHeld elegant wordpress theme coverts the normal theme, straight to a theme that will run smoothly on phones that operate on the android and iOs software. Furthermore, HandHeld has the ability to accommodate every mobile screen size. So no matter what phone your visitor has, internet browsing will be a breeze with this theme.

HandHeld Elegant Themes Features

  • Compatibility – HandHeld supports and works perfectly on various mobile phones, including the iOs, android and blackberry systems.
  • Gives the option to customize the thumbnail images
  • Ability to respond to motion- HandHeld not only works great on most mobiles, but it also rotates, when the phone is rotated. Thus, your visitors can browse the web, vertically or horizontally.
  • Ajax loading- This features allows all your visitors to view additional post on the page, without having to reload the entire page. This feature significantly reduces the viewing and loading time, which is very important when using a mobile phone.
  • Works with any/most themes
  • Various theme options
  • Gravatar ready
  • Smooth tables designs
  • Vast gallery selection
  • Ample plugin options
  • Many color schemes to choose from
  • Portfolio selection


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LeanBiz has been recently released and designed by elegant themes. This elegant wordpress theme is known to be a business theme, because it has a simple and sleek layout which most corporation search for. The LeanBiz theme presents your visitors with just the information they are seeking. Visitors of such sites, tend to often annoyed with excessive posts, videos and images. Because, all they are searching for is accurate information, which they will get quickly if you opt for this elegant theme.

LeanBiz, does not have a fancy layout, with excessive content and images overloading the site. So, if you are looking to create a website that is clean, simple and easy to navigate through, then the LeanBiz theme is perfect for you.

LeanBiz Premium Elegant Themes Features

  • Unique color schemes-  LeanBiz allows you to quickly and easily shift through different styles from the option page. This theme includes a grey, blue, green and purple colors scheme, simply switch to the one you think is the best.
  • Homepage slider- This theme comes along with 8 different sliders, which allows you to create an interesting homepage for your visitors. This slider will simplify uploading images and arranging them in an exciting manner.  This theme will also allow you to add unique titles, descriptions and buttons. With such features, your website will be exactly what you want it to be.
  • Can also be used for a blog structure
  • Automated image adjuster
  • Localization
  • Ample control, through the e-panel
  • Quick and relevant shortcodes
  • Many page templates
  • Advertisement management options
  • Creates a clutterless website


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The boutique premium wordpress theme has been created by elegant themes to assist you in selling your products, online.  With the busy schedules, people no longer have the time or the energy to physically visit stores therefore; they now prefer to stop online. This theme helps you take advantage of this trend. Moreover, boutique is compatible with the popular ecommerce plugins, and it works smoothly with the eShop, ecommerce, Cart 66 and the PayPal shopping chart.

This compatibility allows your visitors to shop, browse and select without facing any technical issues.  Additional features of this elegant wordpress theme include multiple color schemes, ample font options, detailed theme option and much more.

Boutique Elegant Theme Features

  • Color schemes- To attract and engage your visitors, this theme allows you to select an appropriate color scheme for you website.  The color panel will allow you to choose from several colors and textures.
  • User and author rating system- With this feature you will be able to add star ratings to your products and even visitors can submit their comments. These comments/testimonials, create and a customer score which is shown along the products and helps other visitors make a decision
  • Blog layout- Even though this elegant theme has been created to display products online, it can also be used as a blog.
  • Advert management
  • Detail theme options
  • Drop down menu and navigation
  • PSD files
  • Automatic thumbnail sizing
  • Localization
  • E-commerce includes
  • Ample variety of font styles
  • Short codes collection


Posted in Elegant on 05 Jun 11

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Elegant themes have created a professional and simple business theme, commonly known as the feather team for companies or individuals who admire an uncomplicated website. However, even though this theme is simple, it still has the ability to impress and attract visitors with its features. The creators gave minuscule attention to every aspect, so that you can make a website that is perfect for you and your visitors.

This feather elegant wordpress theme comes along with various slider options, flexible homepage layout and it allows you to create a blog structures site. Other popular features of this elegant theme include, exciting color schemes and fonts, control options, adverts management and much more.

Features of the feather theme

Various color schemes- The feature themes allows you to modify the webpage’s background and font. You can create your own color scheme by combining various styles and colors today or you could choose from the existing ones. Such features allow you to create the website that you need or want.

Fonts – This theme will allow you to choose the font style and you will be able to modify the body and header content.

Blog structure- Even though this theme was designed for a page based structure, it even allows you to operate it like a normal blog. So incase you’d like a change, you can always change the outlook completely.

Automatic thumbnail re-sizing- Your post’s thumbnails will no longer have to be edited by you, because the feather theme resizes it on its own.

Adverts management- Feel free to put banners or adverts on your blog whenever you like. The theme’s dashboard, will give you ample control over these adverts.

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